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Comeback to HTL - Women Returners

WiH2020 has joined forces with the Springboard Consultancy and applied to the UK Government £1.5M fund to kickstart the first ever cross industry Women in HTL Returners Pilot Programme. Fourteen companies in HTL joined this project. A decision on whether this groundbreaking project has been awarded the Government grant will be made in 2019.

This work stream has created a framework and tools for a mentoring programme across the sector at middle management level and support the progression of more women to the Executive level.

Data, Metrics & Measurements

The remit of this work stream is to assess the data underpinning the diversity challenges within HTL organisations, specifically defining useful data around talent pools and pipelines and defining a dashboard of metrics that will generate relevant insight. Related to this are also measures of success, including how an organisation can use the data already generated by relevant governance requirements to move the dial forward.

Talent Pools

We need to attract more female talent to the sector and stop losing valuable talent to other industries by demonstrating that the HTL industry is a great place to work and that it is possible to have a fulfilling career. Doing this will provide a broader base of talent to hire from and address key talent shortages across our industry. There is a significant benefit from employers coming together to collaborate on key initiatives to attract and recruit more talent into the HTL industry – including widening the start of the funnel by attracting school leavers and graduates.

Best Practice

In addition to producing tangible solutions, this work stream is focused on creating the building blocks for best practice to engage a wider audience than solely HR. The breadth and depth of the knowledge and research shared by the Group has created the foundations of tools and resources that will benefit a wide range of HTL companies.

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