Meet the Team

Tea Colaianni

Tea founded the WiH2020 campaign in 2017. She is a keen advocate of gender diversity having been involved in a number of initiatives led by Women1st, The Prince’s Trust, the Aspire Foundation and IWF. In 2018 she rallied support to conduct the first ever research into female leadership across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure sector. She has since created the most influential collaboration platform of leaders across the HTL sector with the objective of increasing gender representation and diversity as a whole at leadership level across hospitality, travel and leisure. Tea is a non-Executive Director on a number of Boards and has held senior HR Executive roles at Merlin Entertainments Plc and Hilton Hotels.

Joanna Aunon

Joanna joined WiH2020 in 2018. She has extensive experience in resourcing and talent management in the HTL industry having worked at Hilton Hotels, Paramount Restaurants and IHG. Joanna is a keen supporter of the gender diversity agenda.

Jane Edwards

Jane joined WiH2020 in 2018. She is passionate about promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace. She believes that diversity and inclusion is a sizeable challenge for any organisation, and that every little step helps to make a tangible difference.

Carolyn Solomon-Pryce

Carolyn joined WiH2020 in 2019. She has a demonstrated track record in designing and developing Diversity and Inclusion (D and I) strategies across multiple sectors. She was the D and I lead at the London School of Economics, where she played an instrumental role in galvanising equality and diversity across all work streams and service delivery practices.

Carolyn is passionate about promoting good workplace cultures, and has a particular interest in the concept of intersectionality.

WiH2020 Advisory Board

Our Values

We listen, share, collaborate

We make things happen

We love and value what we do

Thank you to our partners. They are providing invaluable support to the WiH2020 campaign

WiH2020 Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are passionate about raising the profile of WiH2020 across our industry and reach as many organisations as possible. They strive to share information about WiH2020 and achieve its objectives of increasing gender representation and diversity as a whole across the sector while helping to grow our membership.

Jackie Moody-McNamara

Angela Maher

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